Smart Home Series: Ring Video Doorbell

Smart Home Series: Ring Video Doorbell


As part of our Smart Home series of blog posts, Elijah is installing every device we offer to our customers in his own home. Today, home security is the name of the game with the Ring Video Doorbell. Although there are several models of Ring doorbells, such as Ring 2, Ring Pro and Ring Elite, this blog post will cover our recommended version: the standard Ring Video Doorbell.

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Removing the Ring from its packaging is simple and straightforward. Sliding the sleeve off the box opens up a display of your new device: Ring doorbell on the left, USB cable on the right, and a host of tools filling up the middle. If you plan on installing one of these yourself, make sure to keep the screwdriver and bit, since the security bit is the only recommended way to remove your doorbell from your home to recharge. It's easy to get confused while looking at all of the extra parts that are included. If you're not sure if you need the diode or wall anchors, you should call Colorado PC Pro at (719) 345-2345 and schedule a professional installation.

Ring video doorbell installation in colorado springs


Before installing your Ring doorbell, there is a bit of housekeeping to do. If you have scheduled an installation appointment with Colorado PC Pro, you can take care of these items before your appointment to save yourself time and worry.

  1. Find your Wi-Fi password and keep it handy.
  2. Download the Ring app on your phones or computers.
  3. Charge your doorbell by plugging it into a computer.
  4. Decide where to install your Ring.

Your Ring will need to be added to your Wi-Fi network in order to function properly. This will occur during the setup process, but having your Wi-Fi password ready will make it much simpler. Since the Ring app is 100 Megabytes in size, it is recommended you install it using your Wi-Fi connection, rather than mobile data. You should install the Ring app on every phone and computer you anticipate using with your new doorbell.

In my experience, the Ring tends to come out of the package with absolutely no battery charge. This means you would have to charge it for a significant amount of time before completing the installation. Save the frustration by charging your Ring as soon as you open the package.

Finally, keep in mind that your doorbell might be in a bad spot to be replaced with a Ring doorbell. You must take into account where you would like the Ring to aim to record video and make sure your home has enough space to install it vertically, rather than horizontally, where your old doorbell was. If your doorbell is in a bad spot, you can simply install your Ring where you really want it, disconnect your doorbell, and buy the optional Ring Chime, which plugs into a wall outlet in your home and acts as your doorbell chime.

Ring Video Doorbell installation colorado springs


While installation is rather simple, you must take care to follow directions from start to finish. Ignoring small details could lead to your Ring displaying crooked video on your devices, your Ring not being secured properly to your home, or even electrocution from low-voltage wires that operate your doorbell.

Pay special attention to the tiny level included with your Ring. When planning where to drill the holes for your mounting plate, make sure the level reads in the center. Screw one screw in and check the level again. If it's still straight, screw in the opposite screw. Once two screws are in and the plate is level, finish the installation.

If you have an electronic doorbell, you will need to use the included diode in your circuit. You can find instructions for this on the Ring website, but it must simply bridge the two doorbell connections on your Ring. If you have a mechanical doorbell, no additional wiring is required. Simply attach either doorbell wire to either terminal on your Ring and you are done.

Not sure what type of doorbell you have? Ring it and listen: If you get the 'ding-dong' sound, like a mini bell is ringing in your house, you have a mechanical doorbell. If you get a chime or tone or pleasant jingle, your doorbell is electronic.

Ring Video Doorbell installation colorado springs


If there is one advantage to hiring a professional to install your devices, it is the ability to understand, troubleshoot and solve all of the minor problems you will encounter along the way. Keep an eye out for these problems if you attempt installation yourself:

  • The Ring doesn't actually 'ring' the doorbell.

To test if you have a problem with your Ring or with your home, remove the Ring from the mounting plate and bridge the two electrical contacts with a screwdriver or something similar. If you see a spark and the doorbell rings, the Ring is installed correctly and is simply incompatible with your doorbell system. If you can't trigger the doorbell by manually bridging the contacts, then the problem is either your doorbell or the wiring itself. Check your connections!

  • Motion sensors activate too frequently or for nothing

It is common for the Ring to bug you constantly after first installing it. It needs you to adjust settings inside the Ring app to better suit your security needs. I find that setting the motion sensor to 5 feet prevents most false alarms, but I still get the odd notification when larger vehicles stop in front of my house.

  • Okay, my Ring doesn't 'Ring', but I really want it to

That's not a huge problem. Visit the Ring website and check out their accessories. You can purchase a standard Ring Chime, which will connect to your video doorbell and ring like a normal doorbell, or the Chime Pro, which does the same thing in addition to extending your Wi-Fi range.

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