Do You Have a Plan for Your Old Computers and Devices?

Do You Have a Plan for Your Old Computers and Devices?

If nothing else, computers and other devices have given us a convenient and new way to save our cherished memories. Unfortunately, upgrading to a newer system could leave you high and dry to figure out what to do with those memories. Many consumers choose to go through the process of selecting, purchasing, installing and initializing their own computers, meaning there is no clear way to transfer all of your data from your old computer to your new one. What's worse, your new computer may have a smaller hard drive than your old one or you may accumulate enough data to require an additional hard drive to keep it all.

If you're like many of our customers, this is a familiar scene: four or five or laptops and computers, one or two of them so old you can't even fit a movie on the hard drive, sitting in a closet, basement or attic with no chargers to speak of. You haven't thrown them away yet because there are old pictures or files you have been meaning to somehow recover, but you don't know how. The bad news is that you've been missing out on a simple service for all of these years. The good news is that Colorado PC Pro can give you exactly what you need while helping the community in return.

A parking lot full of discarded computers and e-waste
Photo and File Transfer

Colorado PC Pro can help, even if you have no charger or haven't turned the device on in a decade. Our specialized tools can transfer data from all hard drives, ancient and new, to your choice of convenient format.

Our data transfer service, currently on sale for $79, covers up to 5 devices and conveniently transfers all of your data to a location of your choice, such as an external hard drive or another computer. Services are provided in-home for no extra cost, or you can choose to have a technician bring your devices back to our workshop to complete the work within 24 hours. Data transfer times can range from minutes to hours, so technician pickup is typically recommended.

Unfortunately, this still leaves the issue of dealing with disposal of your old devices.

PC Pro Refurbishing, Recycling and Donation

After purchasing our data transfer service, it is important to plan where you will dispose of your old electronics. We offer three ways to dispose of your devices while taking care of the environment and your local community. But first, let's talk about why this is so necessary.

Electronic waste, also known as e-waste, is hazardous to the environment, difficult to recycle, and growing rapidly. The Electronics TakeBack Coalition estimates that 400 million devices find their way into our landfills annually, each bringing with them a collection of carcinogenic materials including lead, cadmium and mercury. In fact, older monitors and televisions can contain several pounds of lead each. EACH!

But enough of that, let's get down to business:

Worst Option: Back in the Closet

While not technically the worst option (disposal in your household trash is the worst option), there are so many great ways your device can be put to use.

Better Option: Recycling

Recycling may seem like the 'green' option by default, but there are several reasons why you should research all of your options before going this route.

First, electronic waste is not particularly well suited to recycling. Much of what makes up your computer is considered hazardous to the environment, and even more of it is unable to be recycled. This means that your e-waste still ends up in the landfill, only after the recycling company strips the precious metals from it and disposes of the hazardous materials.

Next, the burden of recycling these materials is often outsourced to foreign markets. Due to the difficulty of recycling electronics,  they are exported in bulk to third world countries where environmental laws are lax and worker protection and healthcare is nonexistent. Careful research is important when choosing a recycler--remember, we all live on the same planet. Environmental stewardship is everyone's job!
Best Option: Refurbishing and Donation

Okay, so these devices are no good in your closet, no good in your garbage, and no good for recycling. That doesn't exactly leave a ton of options for the considerate tech user. Luckily, Colorado PC Pro is here to help!

We have many hopes and dreams for our community, but specifically focus our volunteer work on promoting public STEM education and making technology more accessible for disabled, handicapped and elderly Colorodoans.

PC Pro will refurbish your old devices, provide you with a receipt for tax (deduction) purposes, and donate them to local charity. Most devices are donated to Goodwill, but can be donated anywhere at the client's request.

Don't want your device resold? That's fine, PC Pro also repurposes some refurbished computers to help those in direct need. This means that your old laptop could become a text-to-speech accessibility tool for a blind neighbor, help a needy student research and finish their projects, or give a disabled veteran a way to connect with their community.


Colorado PC Pro takes your personal data very seriously. Any devices given to us for the purposes of refurbishing or recycling will be wiped clean using Department of Defense standards. All clients should be aware of the security concerns surrounding personal data, and are encouraged to conduct individual research or call us at (888) 557-2776 with your questions.

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