Tech Trends 4/21: iPhone 8, SNES Classic, Mastercard, Microsoft Updates and Tesla Recalls

Tech Trends 4/21: iPhone 8, SNES Classic, Mastercard, Microsoft Updates and Tesla Recalls


SNES Console In The Works After Nintendo Canceled The NES Classic

Original article by TechFrag

Following the announcement that Nintendo will discontinue the popular NES Classic retro gaming console, a new rumor has surfaced detailing plans for the development of the SNES Classic. Nintendo has claimed that they want to focus development on their latest generation console, the Switch, but gamers may have a new device to look forward to this Holiday season if this rumor turns out to hold any water. Keep your eye out for preorders if you think you might be interested: this console is sure to sell out as soon as preorders are announced.


Mastercard Tests New Bank Card With Fingerprint Scanner

Original article by TechFrag

Mastercard is rolling out a new concept in South Africa to improve payment card security. As Near-Field Communications (NFC) begin to dominate the European and Asian markets, it is clear that additional security precautions are necessary to scale the technology for every-day use. Currently, NFC payment is only an option for small transactions due to the risk of fraud. Adding a biometric fingerprint scanner to payment cards promises to resolve many of the security issues surrounding the industry.


iPhone 8 rumors: Apple might move Touch ID to the back of the device

Original article by IT World

Following reports that Apple may be having difficulties implementing the Touch ID sensor directly into the front display for the upcoming iPhone 8, rumors are surfacing that a new prototype has the sensor located on the back of the unit. When faced with the option of delaying development or simply changing the original plan, it is unclear what Apple will ultimately decide. Many in the industry expect this to be a pivotal moment for Apple after a significant drought of new technology.


Microsoft commits to twice yearly updates to Windows 10, Office 365

Original article by Network World

To the delight of IT workers around the World, Microsoft announced that Windows 10 and Office 365 will receive predictable semiannual updates. Scheduling 2 major patches per year will allow system administrators to more thoroughly plan enterprise deployment of new updates as well as limit unexpected downtime. Is this part of Microsoft's overall strategy to keep Windows 10 relevant for longer than previous iterations of the popular operating system.


Tesla recalls 53,000 vehicles built in 2016 over faulty parking brake

Original article by Ars Technica

Tesla has voluntarily recalled over 50,000 Model S and X electric vehicles due to issues with a faulty parking brake allegedly related to a defect in a small gear manufactured by a third party. This issue is not dangerous, however, and would only cause the vehicle to be stuck in 'park' should the gear fail. This recall follows shortly after nearly 100,000 Model X vehicles were affected by a seatbelt recall. It seems unlikely that Tesla and Elon Musk would let these recalls put a dent in business operations, but it could be a significant setback to electric and autonomous vehicles should more problems come up.

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